B.A.M.S.’ focus is to provide your airline with the People, Processes and Systems that will directly add to your bottom line, making you more efficient, more competitive.

So how do we do this?

B.A.M.S. will enable you to be more efficient by providing smart operational processes and technology tools to enable you to increase revenues, decrease costs, grow your customer base, and retain skilled and experience staff.


  • Increase Revenues- utilizing industry best practices and leading edge tools to identify and correct  operational deficiencies to reduce inefficient processes , operational costs, while providing you with the ability to be more competitive.
  • Decrease Costs- using and interpreting your data to help you to identify areas of operation that  are costing you vs. helping you to be as efficient as you can. overspending.
  • Grow customer base- by optimising operational processes using state of the art technology tools to allow your staff to focus on your customers.
  • Retain skilled and experienced staff-provides knowledge, tools, and experience  to enable your staff to be more efficient in their role while allowing them to grow and manage the business forward.