Passenger Service Technology

 Whether you are a startup airline choosing an initial system or an existing airline choosing to replace outdated systems, our Airline Reservation System is designed to meet your requirements and help you become a market leader.

Ground Operations Business Process Improvement:


Often overlooked as a key component of a Fuel Management effort, well-coordinated and efficient Ground Operations processes can have a significant impact on the overall fuel efficiency and schedule reliability of an airline. The impact can be direct in managing APU and GSE utilization in the aircraft turnaround process, as well as coordinating operations on the ground to minimize aircraft fuel consumption associated with taxi and ground delays. Indirectly, efficient ground operations contribute to airline schedule reliability, thereby minimizing the need to fly the aircraft at higher than optimal fuel-burn airspeeds to recover schedule.
Our Team can review every aspect of the aircraft ground servicing and movement control process to optimize the efficient use of scheduled ground time and minimize related fuel consumption.

  • GDS Integration including Interline E-Ticketing
  • User defined mark-ups and commissions
  • On-line credit card settlement, user defined client accounts and direct payment methods
  • Distribution via call centre, Internet Booking Engine, GDS, travel agent portal, corporate client portal, kiosk, etc.
  • Optimized sales outlets with individually managed call centres, public web bookings, GDS and B2B sales channels.
  • Quality in every detail
  • Unique interface elements
  • Professional ready-made skins
  • Tons of widgets & shortcodes
  • Fast & friendly support
  • 100% Mobile tested
  • Regular updates
  • From trusted power elite author
  • Integrated alert system for cancelled flights/passenger rebooking
  • Easy access to historical data for analysis and reference in bookings
  • No-fly list, APIS and Secure Flight Integration
  • Integral DCS as well as Integration with External DCS
  • User-defined excess baggage rules and rates
  • Passenger on-line self check-in
  • Cut operating costs with control of all aspects of inventory, fares and sales at a fraction of the cost of Legacy Reservation Systems
  • Maximize client retention through an Integrated Frequent Flyer Program or offer ancillary products such as seat selection and upgrades
  • Our best in class API allows airlines and third parties to utilize amelia core functions and database access. ¬†This can be utilized in many ways such as by external booking engines, tour agencies and to build customized apps.
  • Ancillary sales capability with inventory management and vendor email configuration
  • Advanced seat selection for call center and web bookings
  • Browser-based tools for travel agencies to manage their own bookings and accounts
  • Agency/company specific fares
  • Frequent Flyer Program with point/ mile accumulation and flight reward
  • Prepaid and Credit accounts for corporate clients
  • Process payments instantly with instant payment processing integrated into each workflow for all your sales channels with connections to Payment Gateways
  • Web booking includes passenger profiles and one touch lowest fare calculator
  • Have full control of all your sales outlets and simplify your sales operations with our Global Distribution System which is fully integrated into our ameliaRES system
  • Improve communication and visibility with travel agencies
  • Save time, money and overhead on booking procedures
  • Interactive, real time data on airline seats and availability
  • Complete management of all your schedules, fares, inventory and sales channels via our intelligent user interface
  • Inventory nesting and allocation options including dedicated inventory for agencies
  • Integrated administration with over 400 assignable permissions for users and/or groups
  • Full fare definition including advance booking, compulsory stay-over duration, standby and wait-listing
  • Eliminate data errors with access to all your data from a single secure database, reducing errors caused by multiple data stores and conflicting data
  • Base management decisions on relevant data with accurately summarized data that helps you to make effective decisions using a large suite of configurable management reports