BAMS Headhunting Services

Whether you are looking to add to your Team’s Talent due to expansion or attrition, we will find the right candidate: a candidate with the right skills, expertise and education who provides a good personality and cultural fit for your Team and Organization.


Years of working both with and within the Airline industry has taught us what makes Airlines and people click: the promise of a profitable and mutually beneficial working relationship.

As your company is unique in it’s search for the right candidate, each career opportunity requires developing an innovative and strategic approach for the recruitment process. Our strategy is designed to be creative and efficient in order to find the best candidate for the position as quickly as possible.

People are our strength. Our Team has extensive global knowledge and experience from working directly in and with leading Aerospace companies of all sizes.

It is that wealth of knowledge that affords us the ability to have the insight into the needs of our clients in order to provide the best solutions and fit.

So why choose BAMS for sourcing your newest talent?

  • We have Worldwide Expertise in the Global Aviation Industry.
  • We have a deep understanding of the needs for talent, especially in today’s competitive markets.
  • We are not a recruitment firm, we are a Headhunting agency. This means, the candidates are shortlisted before we even contact them.
  • Confidentiality – No candidate will ever know who the potential employer is until there is a request for an interview.
  • Efficiency and speed – We only send you candidates who easily match your requirements at a minimum of 99% of your career posting needs.
  • Our Placement Guarantee – ask us for more details.

We are your business partner, not just a headhunting agency. We understand your business and we understand the success factors needed for you and your candidates to succeed.

It is our desire to provide service and build relationships by providing solutions that have your airline stand out amongst your competitors. That starts with your people.

Contact us today and we can go through our winning process with you.


Your Success is Our Success